Portrait Samples

Sometimes the best picture is the

one no one knows is being taken

Even when things aren't going as planned, there is still a memory to be captured.

The eyes are the most important subject to be captured. More can be said in the eyes than in a million words.

Even just "horse'n around"can produce an

iconic image.

Fine Art Photographs

" Up A Tree"
Logan, UT
"After the Fire"



"The Fog"



"The Light"

"Wait'n on Work"

taken outside of Buena Vista

"Light and Shadow"

"The Water Way"

"By Any Other Name"



Country Flower Photography

"More than just a picture"

A little about the photographer:

My name is Denise Craven and I grew up on a ranch on the eastern plains of Colorado. Ever since I can remember all I've ever wanted was a camera. I took pictures of everything that I could, some turned out better than others, but the passion was there. As the years progressed, so did my gift and interest in photography. The one thing that hasn't changed over the years is my belief that photos are memories captured, whether it be a classic snap-shot to a professional portrait. A photograph can open a new world to a memory, if done right all associated feeling, sights and yes, even smells can be conjured up when one is viewing a photograph. A family snap-shot at the beach, the memories of why you were there to the smell of the ocean air can come rushing back. It is with those beliefs in mind that I approach photography. The same can be true with fine art photographs. A fine art photograph becomes personal when it reminds the viewer of a memory, emotion, or event. Thus one photograph becomes personal to many people in several different ways. That's the beauty of art!

Thank you for visiting Country Flower Photography where a photograph is "more that just a picture"!